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11 Facts About High School Dropout Rates

11 Facts About High School Dropout Rates
  • Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That’s a student every 26 seconds – or 7,000 a day
  • About 25% of high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school on time.
  • The U.S., which had some of the highest graduation rates of any developed country, now ranks 22nd out of 27 developed countries.
  • The dropout rate has fallen 3% from 1990 to 2010 (12.1% to 7.4%).
  • The percentage of graduating Latino students has significantly increased. In 2010, 71.4% received their diploma vs. 61.4% in 2006. However, Asian-American and white students are still far more likely to graduate than Latino & African-American students.
  • A high school dropout will earn $200,000 less than a high school graduate over his lifetime. And almost a million dollars less than a college graduate.
  • In 2010, 38 states had higher graduation rates. Vermont had the highest rate, with 91.4% graduating. And Nevada had the lowest with 57.8% of students graduating.
  • Almost 2,000 high schools across the U.S. graduate less than 60% of their students.
  • These “dropout factories” account for over 50% of the students who leave school every year.
  • 1 in 6 students attend a dropout factory. 1 in 3 minority students (32%) attend a dropout factory, compared to 8% of white students.
  • In the U.S., high school dropouts commit about 75% of crimes

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