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Learning to Build a Career in a Changing World

Learning to Build a Career in a Changing World

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic opens the door to an inevitable conversation for both mid-life career employees and recently integrated professionals coming out of university institutions, ready to tackle the workforce. The problem? Which direction do they go and how far? The importance of community guidance during this time of renewal and change is critical. In assisting residents with adapting to the current workforce and the changing world, as well as assisting the local and federal government with adapting employees and a shift in demands, nonprofit organizations focusing on workforce development are doing their best to include residents from all walks of life and diverse skill sets. Universal Initiatives is joining the coalition of nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and world in designing programs that teach competitive skills and talent needed to create wealth and adapt to ever-changing economic realities. The concept of our Career Development Program is to prepare people with and without college degrees for jobs with promising career paths both in and out of the athletic industry and nonprofit sector.

Our Program

The Career Development Program will focus on specialized training modules that improve technical behavior and boost mind-set skills required to succeed in the workforce. Our program will engage participants with immersive and intensive training, as well as assessment on a regular basis to ensure that lack of understanding is identified, addressed, and overcome with mastery of all necessary skills

Who We Serve

The Career Development Program will increase services for people with barriers to employment, including low-income individuals or individuals who are basic skills deficient, individuals with disabilities, ex-offenders, homeless individuals, youth who are in or have aged out of the foster care system, individuals who are english language learners or have low levels of english literacy, individuals facing substantial cultural barriers, single parents, and long-term unemployed LMI individuals. The people we serve are not a homogeneous group, some may already be employed and are interested in finding out about new job opportunities in our community and athletic industry; others may be unemployed and looking for work. Our program will provide individuals with very little work history the opportunity to increase their labor market activity through internship and apprenticeship training and provide those with limited skills, education, and work history with specialized training and services to increase their employability by offering education and work experience.

Our Projected Impact

  • Increased basic and competitive workforce skills;
  • Increased education surrounding technical skills and training careers;
  • Increased local employment at the community level;
  • Improve local workforce health and operations following the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Increase long-term employment sustainability by providing healthy employment;
  • Increase longevity and workforce lifeline in the community by increasing employment opportunities for local residents;
  • Increase confidence of residents and employability;

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