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Reassessing Our Post-Pandemic Priorities and Enhancing Community Financial Health

Reassessing Our Post-Pandemic Priorities and Enhancing Community Financial Health

As new life begins following the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2021, leaders from all backgrounds in our community are coming together to discuss the importance of providing access to affordable financial education that addresses both a forward future and intervention of past ill-financial habits. Barring the inevitable in our community following rising unemployment, foreclosure facing, and at-risk eviction, financial education is both the cornerstone of aiding residents from being at a place of financial detriment, to recovering to a place of financial sustainability. The lack of standardized assessments and recordkeeping related to financial education amongst young adults in our community leads us blindly, but nevertheless hopeful to provide residents with relief and assistance during one of the hardest financial times in our modern history.

Extraordinary circumstances call for equally extraordinary accommodations and opportunities for residents in our community. Despite the deep divisions in our country at this time, we believe that there is a great opportunity ahead to make genuine progress on providing residents of all incomes, races, ethnicities, and abilities with quality financial education in the middle of the twin crises of COVID-19 and economic recession. Providing support for low-income individuals and people of color in our community during this time will offer an on-ramp to education and reduce the racial wealth and income gap that has continued to widen throughout the pandemic. Our mission is to concrete financial education into our community so children and young adults from all walks of life have equal access and opportunity to succeed and lead a healthy, productive, and sustainable financial future.

OUR GOAL: to provide over 500 students in our community with quality financial education following the COVID-19 pandemic to assist in aiding and intervening with ill-financial habits and paving the way for a smarter, healthier, and better financial future for our next generation.

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