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The New Way to Communicate Your Message

The New Way to Communicate Your Message

Universal Initiatives is a nonprofit organization central to Southern New Jersey and Bucks County Pennsylvania, providing low-to-moderate income residents from all walks of life with quality resources surrounding health, housing, and education. Our mission is to aide residents in finding programs and services that enhance their quality of life.
The Need

The Need

Create Awareness

As a native Southern New Jersey organization focused on providing residents in Camden City NJ with affordable housing solutions and a unique Pathway to Homeownership program, we identified gaps in communication throughout our community. Uninformed residents with limited access to honest news sources create a barrier to overcoming the hurdles that many people face in silence – without access to resources that are easy to read, understand, and navigate, residents are left to live blindly in our community while they struggle through hurdles that Universal Initiatives and several other nonprofit organizations in the community are set out to address and assist residents in overcoming – like affordable housing and the path to equitable homeownership.

The Purpose

Universal Initiatives founded City Block to provide quality, honest, and transparent news for residents about the past, present, and future of their community. The purpose of creating a community newsletter, addressing Camden City NJ and other Southern New Jersey and Bucks County Pennsylvania communities was to inform residents of the current initiatives, resources, services, and events happening in their community. We believe that when residents are left feeling that they are cared for and thought of by being kept in the loop and up to date in their community, they feel good about where they live and engaged in the direction that the community is heading.

Non-Profit Support

Non-Profit Support

Work Together And Make Our Voice Heard

Some of the best nonprofit organizations live in the shadows of the media, never telling their story or participating in public events because they are grass roots efforts to care for the people on the ground and in real time. Universal Initiatives partners with several nonprofit organizations to provide residents with resources, services, and solutions to their most pressing challenges. City Block seeks to bring together organizations throughout the community to align organizations to expand programs for LMI residents, but also to bring attention to their current programs and services that can help residents in need access and engage in life-changing resources. By bringing nonprofit organizations together to share in their story telling and letting residents of our communities know that they are there to support them in times of need, we believe that residents will feel more at-home, welcomed, and engaged in participating and enhancing their community.

Supporting Access to Community News

In the digital age, news is at your fingertips. However, community news is harder to find through an online search engine and newspapers in the nearest 7/11. Compounding the program, there are fewer reporters that can over all the local news for organizations in our community and the work that they are doing for residents following one of the most depressing times in our world’s history – COVID-19. Through City Block, organizations and reports join together in one place to share grass roots efforts and real time news that residents can enjoy, while also learning about services and resources that can help them enhance their own quality of life. Through our efforts, local news can thrive and survive the digital age with individuals and organizations that are willing and able to invest in the long-term purpose of bringing resource information’s to residents in need in our community.

City Block Today

City Block Today

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